Build user-friendly blockchain applications with ease

Sequence is the developer platform + smart wallet for Ethereum, NFTs, Web3, DeFi and Dapps

Enter the next generation of Internet economies

From NFTs and cryptocurrencies to video game items and virtual real estate, digital worlds are becoming more real and valuable than ever before.

Sequence is your gateway to access and build in this new dimension. Welcome to Web3.


Compatible with everything on Ethereum

A seamless user and developer experience for Ethereum

Sequence gives you a friendly smart wallet for your users, an end-to-end SDK to integrate Ethereum with your application, powerful blockchain APIs, and multi-chain support from the ground up to help you scale.

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An Ethereum wallet anyone can use

The Sequence Smart Wallet is the smartest way to own and trade crypto + NFTs. It’s how users connect to Web3 and the metaverse.

  • Social/email login
  • Account recovery
  • No seed phrases
  • Web3 compatible
  • Browser + app + extension
  • Multi-chain
  • Smart contract
  • Non-custodial
  • No install necessary

Our SDK + APIs make blockchain simple and user friendly

And they give you everything you’ll need to run your application on the blockchain.

Smart wallet built for a multi-chain world

The Sequence Wallet empowers your users with a friendly and secure experience for all of Ethereum. Plus, you'll never get stuck: you and your users can easily move between chains to capitalize on the lowest gas fees and highest security.

Web & backend SDKs

Powerful developer libraries and APIs that seamlessly integrate with Ethereum.

Audited smart contract library

A standard library of audited smart contracts. Check out our Github.

Enhanced transactions

Meta transaction support means users can batch transactions and pay for gas in the token of their choice. And, Sequence meta transactions work with all existing contracts (without any changes required to your contracts).

Easy minting, transfer and exchange of NFTs and digital items

Our widely-adopted ERC-1155 smart contracts help you easily create digital collectibles. Plus, enhance your capabilities with our NFT APIs for querying metadata and balances.

Social / email login & recovery for wallets

Easily sign in via Google, Facebook or other socials. No blockchain knowledge required.

Niftyswap (NFT) market protocol

Offer your users an ecommerce-like market experience for trading ERC-1155 tokens. Users will love instant liquidity with Niftyswap's AMM design! Build your own custom UI's — we've already built the backend for you.

Friendly payments

Easy credit card on-ramps, and your users don’t need to own crypto to pay fees.

Designed for







NFTs + Collectibles

The Metaverse

Built for Ethereum-compatible networks


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The digital trading card game where players actually own, trade and sell their NFT cards. By ranking highly on the competitive leaderboard, players win tradable items. With the seamless Sequence Wallet and marketplace, players can easily buy, store, sell and trade items with one another.

Skyweaver is pioneering community-owned economies in gaming, and it's powered by Sequence.

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